Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I'm always dubious as to whether I should talk about this part of my artwork so freely. But considering I chose to post it here I guess I don't really have a choice. 8D;
These are some of my characters from a story/novel/comic that I have been working (I say working, but what I really mean is thinking and doodling with the occasional page of writitng xD) on for the past 5 years or so. It's very personal to me and I feel as though it is something to record how I've grown up through the years, all the characters and the nature of the story have all aged alongside me, when I first started drawing them they were only 15 like me, but now, I'm not even sure what age they should be (probabily about 21 in this picture at least ;D).
I think thats all I'll say right now, no doubt I will draw more of them (past a doodle that is) so...yeah *runs away all embarassed.*

Oh and if you're wondering, Aitios is the town they were born to. :3

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