Thursday, 24 March 2011


My life is full of W.I.P's, not whips...that would be worrying.
I need to learn to attention span and sort myself out.


/yay. ;A;! I really hope I actually finish this one, I quite like the compostition. Experimenting with texture brushes is so much fun, though i'm not sure if the polka dot areas just make the image seem pixelated. I'm hoping nay as I do quite like the variation it brings to the girl, it takes away from the god awful lines.It's okay though as soon as I get all my work back from my Tutor I can post it up and then realise I have been totally productive all throughout March. (Y)

EDIT: Been working on it for a while, decided to give it a semi-realism feel. Not sure I like the face though..

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

How to fix the obesity crisis.

Unfortunately I have not had 3 of my editiorial projects back from my tutor as of yet so I am unable to post the remainder of this long winded Editorial project. But here alas is the final brief answered. Oh what a son of a house this brief was to fulfil. I spent days wracking my brain for ideas, none really came to me if i'm brutally honest with myself. However I did manage to produce this. :/

Although I'm unsure about the speech bubble in the first image, Advice? :<
Oh god now to get on with this godamn essay. /cry.