Wednesday, 2 March 2011

How to fix the obesity crisis.

Unfortunately I have not had 3 of my editiorial projects back from my tutor as of yet so I am unable to post the remainder of this long winded Editorial project. But here alas is the final brief answered. Oh what a son of a house this brief was to fulfil. I spent days wracking my brain for ideas, none really came to me if i'm brutally honest with myself. However I did manage to produce this. :/

Although I'm unsure about the speech bubble in the first image, Advice? :<
Oh god now to get on with this godamn essay. /cry.


  1. Lolololol the last one! That's the BEST ever! They look so round and roll-able. :D

  2. Hehe that one had Zoë laughing for ages xD! I really want to jump on him and roll him down a hill skateboard style! C:
    Removed the speech bubble, better? :3

  3. that first one is aces- love the sepia tint and subtle use of colour. sketchy texture is also totally delicious.

    i am also totally reassured by honest abe's choice of reading material.