Friday, 4 February 2011

Long Overdue.


I promised a good friend of mine years and years ago that I would draw her a picture of her favourite game character, Seymour Guado (FinalFantasyX). 4 years on, I still hadn't drawn it and the girl is almost 20 years of age, so I finally got off of my nioce bam to draw her man. But my word was he hard to draw, no matter what angle, position, pose I drew him in he just didn't look right realistically. So I snuck back into my old style of working to be able to create him exactly how he is supposed to be. In a way it was refreshing to draw in such a cartoon style as I tend to want to complicate every drawing recently. I just hope she enjoys the drawing! 
(Drawn in CS2 around 3 hours)

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